Released 2023

Boblikovs magical world

Released 2022

Stop the train Vol 1

If there’s one thing Mando Diao have always avoided, it’s predictability. Three volumes are planned and the plan is to gather all material at the end to bring it the whole concept together.
The first volume is called “Stop the Train” and contains the songs Stop the Train, Animal, Frustration and Loner. A mix of modern and old school, just like Mando Diao themselves.

Released 2020

I Solnedgången

“I Solnedgången” is the tenth studio album from Mando Diao.
The band had the ambition to bring out the humanism in the music and lyrics which feature compositions of poems by Karin Boye, Nils Ferlin and Gustaf Fröding mixed texts from the members themselves and Björn Dixgård’s parents.

They did the recording in Borlänge, live, with only a few microphones in the room to capture the ambient sound. Everything was done completed in four days.

Mando Diao I Soldnedgången

Released OCT 2019


MANDO DIAO’s 9th studio album is a straight-forward, non-compromising album. It is completely 100% written, recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselves.
An energetic, dark and very personal album that is spellbinding, powerful and explosive. In your face and simply BANG!

Released May 2017

Good Times

The most challenging period in Mando Diao’s career to date has yielded perhaps their best album ever. Good Times is a manifesto on love and friendship in dark times. The first single was ”Shake”.

Released April 2014


The album Ælita is characterised by the influence of dance and electronic sounds. The first single was ”Black Saturday”.

Released October 2012


It is the band’s first album in their native language, Swedish. For this album the band composed music to ten poems from the legendary poet Gustaf Fröding. The album was a huge success, charting at #1 for 17 weeks.

Released January 2012

Greatest Hits Vol 1

Mando Diao’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 album was released January 2012, representing a collection of the band’s best known songs as well as the previously unreleased ”Christmas Could Have Been Good”.

Released as CD and DVD December 2011

Above and beyond - Mtv Unplugged

With acoustic versions of many of Mando Diao’s most popular songs, new tracks and covers, the album also featured appearances of Lana Del Rey, Ray Davis from ”the Kinks” and artwork by Klaus Voormann. The first single was ”Down in the Past”- MTV unplugged.

Released October 2009

​The Malevolence Of Mando Diao

​The Malevolence Of Mando Diao 2002 – 2007 is a collection of B-sides, previously unreleased songs, live recordings and fan favourites. The single ”the Quarry” was release in connection with the album.

Released February 2009

Give Me Fire

​Their fifth album, Give Me Fire, was released February 2009.
Give Me Fire brought Mando Diao together with ”the Salazar Brothers” and produced a record with a new more danceable sound. The album’s first single, Dance with Somebody, was very successful on the radio and became a big hit around the world.

Released October 2007

Never seen the light of day

October 2007 the band released their fourth album Never Seen The Light Of Day The album produced by Björn Olsson featured a sound with influences from Swedish folk music and melodies. The first single was If I Don’t Live Today, I Might Be Here Tomorrow.

Released August 2006

Ode to Ochrasy

Ode to Ochrasy was released August 2006. Praised by the international music press, the album featured songs inspired by characters the band had met while on tour. The first single was ”Long Before Rock and Roll”.

Released March 2004

Hurricane Bar

Hurricane Bar was released in March 2004. The album became an international success with the song ”Down in the Past”. The first single was ”Clean Town”.

Released September 2002

Bring ’Em

In September 2002, Bring ’Em In was released in Sweden. It contains early demo versions of their songs, partly recorded in the basement of keyboardist Daniel Haglund. Gaining international notoriety the album was release successively in different parts of the the world. Singles from the album include ”the Band”, ”Sheepdog”, and ”Mr. Moon.”

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